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We wish to gratefully acknowledge, thank, and congratulate all the members of our choir, vocalists, and Guest musical instrumentalists who have participated in services at the parish during the year. Their dedicated service and very hard work throughout the year with their director, enhance our liturgical worship here at St. Matthew’s so beautifully.



Director of Music Ministry and Principal Organist

St. Matthew Choir Members, Dix Hills
   30 members

        Rita Bajakian                       Patrick Bissex

                Josephine Bernardin                  Walter Bissex                

Valeria Belanich                         Brian Donohue

Rosalie Bonavise                          Edward Oriani

Lisa Caramanica                         Francis Picart

                                              Fritza Charles                          Wiliam Vogt

                        Gina Drost                            

                          Karen Fleming                           

Toni Di Iorio

Victoria Garbarino

Susan Grippa

Susan Hugelmeyer

Joseph-Marie Kerolle

Maria Lauto

Gloria Montesano

Marjorie Pechette

Nancy Picart

Maryse Saint-Preux

Rosemary Sammon

Carmela Sposato

Anne Toussaint

Patricia Zlokovitz



                                                            Brian Donohue, Cantor

Michael Falce, Cantor

Susan Hugelmeyer, Cantor

Victoria Garbarino, Cantor and French Horn

Ed ward Oriani, Cantor for Latin Masses


Assistant Organists to the Director Of Music

Vincent di Salvo-Assistant Organist

Teresa Bissex, Organist


Vocal Soloists

Janice Weir, Soprano Soloist

Susan Hugelmeyer, Soprano Soloist

April Lindewald, Mezzo-Soprano Soloist

Victoria Garbarino, Mezzo-Soprano Soloist

Brana Williams, Alto Soloist

Brian Donohue, Tenor Soloist

Robert Murphy, Tenor Soloist

Ron Meixsell, Baritone Soloist

Thomas Stallone, Baritone Soloist


Guest Musical Instrumentalists

Matthew Pierce, Violinist

Tatum and Wesley Ogata, Violinists

Stephne Lea, Violin

Thomas Tricarico, Violin

Maria di Natale-Scotto, Flautist

Sean Hammond, Clarinet and Flautist

Michael Klein, Trumpet

David van Boxel, Trumpet

Thomas Martin, Trumpet

Susan Larsen, French Horn

Steven Barbieri, Trombone

Kathryn Andrews, Harp

Susan Jolles. Harp (from The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra)

Karen Lindquist, Harp

Marjorie Fitts, Harp

Fred Trumpy, Timpani and Percussion



Salvatore J. Montesano


August 28, 2011

Sal was a faithful and dedicated chorister at all times, and was loved so very much by our choir and parish. He had a wonderful resonant bass voice that was able to sing the lowest notes that no one else could. A man with a noble spirit and a gentle soul, we loved him very much, and will miss him so very, very deeply.





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